Serving Django projects
Django projects served on Ubuntu prod server
Limiting SUDO
How to limit SUDO permissions
Safe use of Linode S3 buckets
Using Linode Object Storage
Images in LaTeX documents
PNG, and JPG images in LaTeX files.
Harvard referencing in LaTeX documents
Simple referencing in LaTeX.
How I used TryHackMe while studying cyber security
Boss GT-Pro on Win10
How to install the MIDI and soundcard drivers on Windows 10
Converting memory address to ASCII keyboard input
A tip when performing buffer overflows with GDB
Analyzing captured RDP sessions
Replaying RDP sessions from PCAP files
IPv6 and Web services
What can go wrong when you serve websites on both IPv4 and IPv6?
SQL table joins
The difference between inner joins, and left and right outer joins?
How to expand a volume on a VPS
Resize a disk on an Ubuntu cloud server
Python level-up!
How I went from novice to advanced in 6 months
What is a namespace? What does it do?
Events in TKinter
How to access widget that called an event in TKinter
Using joysticks in Xenia
How to use HOTAS or any controller with Xenia
Non-technical skills for technical people
How to appear as skilled as you actually are
Python virtual environment
How to install multiple Python module versions on the same host
Env. variables as a file
How to store secrets in github projects
Website sessions
How does web login work, and how can it be bypassed?
Steel Battalion in High Definition
Make Steel Battalion playable in HD
Add nameserver to Norid EPP Client
How to add an new nameserver to the Norid EPP client
Joy 2 Mouse
Absolute joystick aim for MechWarrior and tank games!
Password protected Nginx routes
How to enable basic auth with Nginx
Linux env. variables
How to set up and access environment variables
Windows env. variables
How to set up and access environment variables
Azure AD Groups and AUs
How they are used to manage RBAC in Azure AD
Sim hardware shopping guide
A simple guide on what to use, and why
Azure AD vs AD
What's the difference?
PowerShell disk formating
How to quickly format and partion a drive in PowerShell
CompTIA Security+
My journey and what I experienced while studying for the Security+
VR generations
My experiences and thoughts on VR
Cisco CyberOps Associate
My journey and experience
Honeycomb Alpha & Beta config
Get the most out of your equipment
How to select RAM
The optimal RAM specifications for your computer
Ace Combat 7: PC
How to use your HOTAS setup, and improve graphics
Combining multiple joysticks into one joystick
No support for multiple joysticks? No problem!
Tips on VR gaming using peripherals
VR gaming with HOTAS and HOSAS
SUDO administration with AD
Manage Linux SUDO privileges with Microsoft Active Directory
Partition and formatting of large drives
Parted for beginners
Web developer roadmap
From zero to hero. What to learn, and in what order
Laravel + WebSockets
Empower your Laravel App with WebSockets
WebSocket server
Installing and running your private alternative to pusher
On-prem Active Directory
Windows Server 2022 Domain Controller setup
Running Armitage in Kali 2022.02
A simple quick-start guide
Service 2 Port
CCNA prep: Memorize port numbers
Prefix 2 Netmask
CCNA prep: Convert CIDR prefix to subnet mask
CTF Writeups
Need a hint on a CTF challenge?
THM Nordic top 100
TryHackMe learderboard for all nordic countries
HTTPS hardening Nginx
How to disable unsafe SSL/TLS protocols
Linux Software RAID
Budget friendly redundant storage
Podcasts for InfoSec students
Hacker radio
SystemD backdoor
How to create a daemon for remote access.
Raspberry Pi GPIO
Get started with electronics project on the Rapsberry Pi!
What is docker?
How to get started with Docker containers
Linux starter knowledge
Things I wish somebody told me when I was learning Linux
My journey and what I experienced while studying for the CCNA
Capture the Flag
My experience with CTF's, and why I think you should try it too!
Assembly language
What's so special about it? Is it worth learning?
micro:bit leksjoner
Har du lyst å lære blokk basert elektronikk programmering?
Database backup
How to automate DB backup
Koding for barn
Finnes det måter for de minste barna å lære seg programmering?
How variables translates to machine code
A basic introduction to assembly programming
Touch' for barn
En perfekt introduksjon for de minste barna
Using TL-WN722N in Kali Linux
How to use the TP-Link adapter for WLAN hacking
Digital Certificates and signatures
How do they work, and how are they used?
Reverse shell
How to connect to a host behind a firewall
Advaced Intrusion Detection Environment
How to check for unathorized changes in the filesystem
My first two years as an IT pro.
My experience after being a web developer for two years
ARP Poisoning
How to kill a network or listen on all the traffic
VLAN jumping
How to access off-limit VLANs
Hva er forskjellen på på IPv4 og IPv6?
CPU vs GPU for VR
What hardware will give you most value for your money?
Hva er TCP og UDP, og hva er forskjellen?
MechWarrior 5: VR
How to run the game in VR, using the Pimax 5K XR
Hva er egentlig kulde, og hvorfor er vannkjøling så effektivt?
Python Introduksjon
Hvorfor er Python er et godt programmeringsspråk for nybegynnere?
Xbox: Digital AV adapter
My take on the all-in-one HDMI adapter for the original Xbox
Using a Cisco terminal server
Config and use of one console cable to connect to serveral equipment
micro:bit in VS Code
How to use Visual Studio Code for micro:bit python projects?
Router Vs Switch
Hva er forskjellen?
SSH tilkobling til Cisco utstyr
Hvordan koble til utstyret utenom consolen?
Cisco console
Hvordan koble til Cisco utstyr med en Linux maskin?
MAC adresser
Hva er MAC adresser, og hva brukes de til?
Git og GitHub
Hvordan komme i gang med versjonskontroll systemet?
Linux computer as a NAT router
Do you want to connect two network with a computer?
NFS Fildeling
Hvordan bruke ett delt NFS filsystem fra en Linux server?
Getting started with LTSP
Confused by the original documentation? Look no further!
Nginx Webserver oppsett
Hvordan raskt sette opp en webserver med TLS sertifikat
Print server
Hvordan dele printer med hjemmenettverket ditt
Trygg sletting av data fra HDD/SSD
Hvordan slette alle spor etter filene på en disk?
Backup med Linux
En guide i hvordan man kan automatisere backup av filer
Hvordan ta i bruk disker i Linux?
Hvordan partisjonere, formatere og ta i bruk en disk
Egenprodusert spill klone, inspirert av Nokia sin 90-talls klassiker
DHCP Server
Hvordan sette opp en DHCP server i Linux?
Hvordan sette opp fildeling fra en Linux server
Hva er FTP, og hva brukes det til?
RSA-nøkkel kryptering
Hvordan fungerer det, og hvordan kan det brukes til SSH autentisering?
IP adresser og subnet
Hva er et subnet, og hva brukes det til?
Grunnleggende Webserver sikring
En gjennomgang av sikring av servere som er åpen mot internett
Raspberry Pi Webkamera overvåkning
En kort guide til hjemmeovervåkning ved bruk av USB webcamera
Hva er RAID, og hvordan fungerer det?
Hvordan en datamaskin fungerer
Hvordan funker egentlig CPU og RAM?
DNS server med Bind9
Hvordan sette opp din egen DNS sever med Bind9
Apache Webserver oppsett
Hvordan sette opp din egen webserver med Apache2
RegEx - Søk etter tekst
Hva er Regular Expressions, og hvordan funker det?
VirtualBox: Ubuntu 18.04 Shared folders
Hvordan lage ett effektivt utviklermiljø med Oracle VirtualBox
De første stegene i Linux terminalen
Lær hvordan du kommer i gang med den mektige linux kommando linjen
Nysgjerrig på Linux?
Mange synes Linux er spennende. Hva skiller det fra andre OS?
Hvordan bli en programmerer
Mine erfaringer rundt det å bli en programmerer
Hvordan internett fungerer
Ett overblikk over hvordan webben faktisk fungerer
Mech' games and fiction
Why I love robots!