About this blog

Haxor.no is my blog. This is where I, Stanley Skarshaug write about technical stuff I hope ethical hackers of all levels may find interesting. In my world, it's a compliment to be called a hacker. A hacker is a person who is able to use technology in ways others are not able to. A hacker is a well-educated, curious, and inventive person who is able to find solutions that most others do not have the prerequisites to find.

A big part of the basis for becoming a good hacker is curiosity and the courage to try and fail. I do not write on this blog to impress anyone. This is simply my method of learning by trying to educate others.

On haxor.no I write about solutions and projects I'm learning about, that do interest me, and that I imagine other aspiring hackers also would benefit from reading and learning about.

Because there is so much learning in the process of teaching, haxor.no is an important tool I use on my path toward one day being able to call myself a 1337 haXor.

Content and target audience

Who should read haxor.no?

This website has both Norwegian and English content. In essence, they are intended for completely different audiences and have different content.

The Norwegian articles are intended for kids and beginner hackers. The goal is to provide information, tips, and tricks on technology in Norwegian where I think the internet lacks proper content on the topics I write about.

The English articles are intended for a global audience and are written for an audience of slightly more advanced IT practitioners. Because there is a lot of great content for beginners, I mainly write articles that I wish I had found myself when doing research on a topic. Another motivation for writing in English is that English is my second language. Writing in English provides me with a great training opportunity.

I am in no shape or form a subject matter expert in any of these topics, but I try to share what I (think I) know with anyone who might find it interesting and worthwhile. Every article I write, I try to write in a way that most people should understand without too much prerequisite knowledge. My main motivation for writing these articles is that I learn so much by trying to teach others. The thought that others might learn something by reading the articles is a great inspiration to me.

By writing on this blog, I have many times experienced that I uncover knowledge gaps when I try to explain something. I often end up doing more research than I originally intended when writing an article. The Rubber Duck approach to learning is very valuable to me.